It's March Madness–The Star Trek Way

March 19, 2018

What better way is there to celebrate March Madness than with a Star Trek book? Whether in the corridors of the Enterprise or on the distant planet of Ceti Alpha V, these Star Trek reads all have one thing in common: madness is descending.

Star Trek: Mirror Universe: The Sorrows of Empire

Commander Spock has seized control of the Terran Empire committing it to democratic reform. But Spock is knowingly arranging his empire’s downfall. Is this cool Vulcan logic or has Spock gone mad?

eBook List Price: $9.99

Khan #3: To Reign in Hell

Star Trek’s most loved villain takes center stage in this novel. Readers will learn why Khan harbored such deep hatred for Kirk. What happened on Ceti Alpha V that caused Khan to descend into vengeful madness?

eBook List Price: $7.99

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fearful Symmetry

Iliana Ghemor was created to replace Kira Nerys. When she failed she was imprisoned for 16 years. Tortured and on the brink of madness, Iliana devises a new plan, one that could upset two universes.

eBook List Price: $7.99

The Star Trek: Enterprise: The Expanse

The Expanse: a deadly region of space. It drove Vulcan crews to bloodthirsty madness and Klingon crews were anatomically inverted, their internal organs exposed outside their bodies...while they still lived. Many vessels were lost, never to be heard from again. Can Archer bring his crew safely through The Expanse, where no other ship has ever emerged from unscathed?

Trade Paperback List Price: $16.99

Garth of Izar

Captain Garth is a legend in Starfleet and a hero if James T. Kirk. But when Garth sustains life-threatening injuries on Antos IV, the native Antosians heal him, but also give him their shape-changing ability, which leads Garth into madness. Now back at Starfleet and charged with mediating a crisis on Antos IV, has Garth truly overcome his insanity, or will Kirk and the Enterprise need rescue the Antosians from one of their own?

eBook List Price: $8.99


Bodiless aliens brought a plague of violence and bloodshed to Vulcan that only ended when they were imprisoned in specially designed containers. But a scientific exposition has opened the containers and the malevolent entities have escaped, possessing the bodies of the Enterprise crew. Can Picard stop the alien threat from spreading their madness throughout the federation?

eBook List Price: $7.99


A murderer is loose on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Lt. Worf and Counselor Troi are assigned the case and uncover a dangerous web of deceit, betrayal and madness.

eBook List Price: $7.99


An ancient evil stalks the corridors of the Enterprise. Now Spock must defeat the demons or the Enterprise will bring madness and destruction across the galaxy.

eBook List Price: $7.99

Star Trek: Voyager: Unworthy

Voyager is tasked with investigating whether the Borg are gone, absorbed into the Caeliar gestalt, and is sent into the Delta quadrant. Seven of Nine, neither Borg nor human, struggles with madness as the whispers of the Collective are replaced with a single voice. Can Chakotay help Seven rendezvous with Voyager to find the answers she needs and to end her madness?

eBook List Price: $7.99


Kirk and an away team are stuck on the planet Alpha Octavius. Spock takes command of the Enterprise against a marauder named Dreen that once faced off against Christopher Pike. Now Spock and Deen are in a deadly game of cat and mouse—a game driven by a madman’s revenge!

eBook List Price: $7.99