Phasers set to...Spooky!

September 01, 2018

The Star Trek universe has encountered it's fair share of ghosts and ghouls over the years. So what better way to celebrate the recent Halloween holiday then with some scary Star Trek reads. Check out the collection below for a spooky adventure and revel in the fright. 

These Haunted Seas

It is a time of renewed hope as the U.S.S. Defiant sails through the wormhole and charts a new course of discovery into the unknown ocean of the Gamma Quadrant. But where they seek to go is defined by the journeys they have made before, and ghosts populate these uncharted waters––the spectres of lost leaders, fallen friends, forsaken lovers, vanquished enemies, and earlier selves. 

eBook List Price: $9.99

Ghost Dance

Scientific theory holds that ninety percent of all matter in the universe is "dark matter," unable to be detected by ordinary means. The gravitational force of that mysterious material ensures the continuance of all reality, but now a cosmic conspiracy plans to use excess dark matter to bring about the death of the universe.

eBook List Price: $8.99

Ghost Ship

In 1995, a Russian aircraft carrier is destroyed by a mysterious creature that just as mysteriously disappears thereafter. Three hundred years later, Counsellor Deanna Troi awakens in her quarters from a nightmare in which she senses the voices of the crew of that Russian ship, whose life-essences were somehow absorbed by the creature that destroyed them.

eBook List Price: $7.99


When Captain Kirk and the Enterprise arrive on Elcidar Beta Three to aid it's inhabitants, the Midgwins, they find themselves caught up in that race's struggle for survival...a struggle whose climactic battle pits them against a creature of darkness and shadow––an entity who roams the Enterprise corridors as if it owned them––an enemy who will not hesitate to kill to achieve its ultimate goal.

eBook List Price: $7.99

Ghost of a Chance

The Voyager ship and a neighboring dwarf plant are in danger––but the Prime Directive forbids them to act. And then the dilemma is increased by the arrival of another starship, a Televek vessel, whose crew offer to help both the Voyager and the people of the crumbling planet. But Janeway senses something amiss with their saviors, and she's haunted by ghostly visions warning her of a threat that make her loathe to accept anything from the Televek, even though they may be her only hope.

eBook List Price: $8.99