Celebrate the Signing of the Federation's Constitution

October 01, 2018

Thanks to a bit of digging, and some background material originally created for Star Trek Generations, we know that the Constitution of the United Federation of Planets will be officially signed October 11 in the year 2161. Taking place in San Francisco, the document will be endorsed by selected dignitaries who, by then, will be greatly distressed by the Earth-Romulan War. We'd like to honor the future signing of this historic mandate, with a collection of novels from the Federation.

Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures

A new nation has arisen from the ashes of the Romulan War: the United Federation of Planets, an unprecedented union of diverse species cooperating for the good of all. Admiral Jonathan Archer—the former captain of the Earth starship Enterprise, whose efforts made this union possible—envisions a vibrant Fed­eration promoting galactic peace and a multispecies Starfleet dedicated to exploring strange new worlds. 

eBook List Price: $7.99

The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing

With nothing left to lose, the Romulan Star Empire engages in all-out war against humanity, determined once and for all to stop the human menace from spreading across the galaxy.At the start of the twenty-first century, unconditional war swept across the Earth. A war that engulfed the great and the small, the rich and the poor, giving no quarter. Each side strove for unconditional victory, and as battle built upon battle, the living began to envy the dead.

eBook List Price: $7.99

The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms

Following the resolution of the fertility crisis that nearly caused their extinction, the Andorian people now stand ready to rejoin the United Federation of Planets. The return of one of its founding member worlds is viewed by many as the first hopeful step beyond the uncertainty and tragedy that have overshadowed recent events in the Alpha Quadrant. But as the Federation looks to the future and the special election to name President Bacco’s permanent successor, time is running out to apprehend those responsible for the respected leader’s brutal assassination.

eBook List Price: $7.99