The New Discovery Novel is Here

January 25, 2018

As the Discovery show continues to amaze, and surprise us, week after week on CBS All-Access we are so excited to announce the upcoming release of Discovery: Drastic Measures, the second novel in the gripping series. After the previous book, Desperate Hours (a must-read, if you haven't checked it out already), Drastic Measures is generating a lot of buzz for it's continued adventure in an all-original storyline, totally different from that of the show. Check it out the thrilling, new title below.

Star Trek: Discovery: Drastic Measures

It is 2246, ten years prior to the Battle at the Binary Stars, and an aggressive contagion is ravaging the food supplies of the remote Federation colony Tarsus IV and the eight thousand people who call it home. Distress signals have been sent, but any meaningful assistance is weeks away. Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca and a small team assigned to a Starfleet monitoring outpost are caught up in the escalating crisis, and bear witness as the colony’s governor, Adrian Kodos, employs an unimaginable solution in order to prevent mass starvation.

eBook List Price: $11.99