S&S Authors Share Star Trek Memories

November 07, 2017

In celebration of all things Star Trek, including the recent Discovery: Desparate Hours publication, we asked some of our Simon & Schuster authors if they had any Star Trek memories they'd like to share with our fans. After recieving an outpour of hearfelt submissions, we have picked the best to pass along to you. Here's one from William Birnes.


In my later book on the television show “UFO Hunters,” which I dedicated to the memory of Leonard Nimoy, I wrote that one of my favorite episodes from the Original Series was the “Gamesters of Triskelion” in which Spock, articulating the process of elimination espoused by Sherlock Holmes, argues with McCoy that the only anomaly regarding the crew’s disappearance after beaming down to a planet was a strange ion trail. Over the protests of the bridge crew, Spock orders the Enterprise to follow the ion trail, where he finds that Kirk and the rest of the away team are imprisoned on a planet where they are forced to fight other species as gladiators. 


William Birnes is the co-author of the Star Trek Cookbook, and several other books