S&S Authors Share Star Trek Memories

August 01, 2017

In celebration of all things Star Trek, including the Discovery series launch in September, we asked some of our Simon & Schuster authors if they had any Star Trek memories they'd care to share with our followers. After recieving an outpour of hearfelt submissions, we have picked the best to pass along to you. Here's one from Michael Soluri.

A few things. In essence, my best memories of Star Trek fiction are those stories that revealed that with exploration there is humanity. So, "what if”?

What if there could be human spaceflight that approaches close to say 1/3 the speed of light. Mars in a few week? What if there are worm-holes that could connect our here-and-now reality into a space-time continuum in another part of our galaxy? What if the imagination in Star Trek fueled an individual in figuring out how to both fly human and robotic spaceflights in our solar system at say 30 % the speed of light and being able to have robotic spacecraft that identify and confirm the existence of actual earth-like water worlds in other class “M" solar systems within our galaxy? What if first contact actually occurs here on Earth, soon …?

And finally, in shooting the documentary photography that would eventually be edited into my (Simon & Schuster) Infinite Worlds: the people and places of space exploration, there were instances— particularly when I was on location at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center— up on the launch pad where the space shuttle Atlantis was going to take an astronaut crew to the Hubble Space Telescope for the last time, I’d be humming the opening Star Trek theme music from the Wrath of Khan — that non militaristic overture really said it: space, the final frontier ...

Michael Soluri is the author of Infinite Worlds: The People and Places of Space Exploration.