S&S Authors Share Star Trek Memories

May 18, 2018

In celebration of all things Star Trek, and the winding down of the year, we asked some of our Simon & Schuster authors if they had any Star Trek memories they'd like to share with our fans. After recieving an outpour of hearfelt submissions, we have picked the best to pass along to you. Here's one from Fredrick McKissack Jr.


The McKissack family--Pat and Fred McKissack, me and my brothers, John and Robert--were, are, and will always be Trekkies. I was born a few months before it aired, so I started watching in re-runs. My parents, however, were fans from the beginning. Later we watched The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager.

For my mother, an ardent feminist, watching Uhura in the 60s was astounding; seeing Janeway in command in the 1990s was affirming.

Kirk vs. Picard? Never had that fight, because both were so cool.

Our references and jokes as children and adults continue to be tinged with Trekkie, from "I'm a (insert role), not a (job asked to do)!" to "Make it so" to once referring a job interview "It looked like the Borg hive, except less friendly and terrible benefits."

Instead of yelling at other drivers, my dad would calmly say "I wish I had a photon torpedo." 

My son, Mark, 12, watched his first Star Trek episode (Balance of Terror) on Netflix with me. He ran through the series on his own. Loves it. My wife, son, and I are fans of the JJ Abrams' take. So is my mother. My brothers, not so much.

As an exercise, I started crafting characters for a series about two Starfleet Intelligence officers that was part Wild Wild West, part James Bond, and given the problems with Section 31, part Tinker Tailor Solider Spy. All for fun, of course.


Fredrick McKissack Jr. is the author of such books as Shooting StarHard Labor, and Let My People Go.