S&S Authors Share Star Trek Memories

October 15, 2017

In celebration of all things Star Trek, including the recent Discovery: Desparate Hours publication, we asked some of our Simon & Schuster authors if they had any Star Trek memories they'd like to share with our fans. After recieving an outpour of hearfelt submissions, we have picked the best to pass along to you. Here's one from Alma Flor Ada.


While we did not watch much television while my four children were growing up, we share an enthusiasm for Star Trek during the Middle and High School years. One of my favorite references to Star Trek has to do with my deep commitment to multiculturalism. Frequently in my presentations I tell audiences that, as a Trekkie I have always thought that should a space ship ever visited Earth and needed one word to send back as descriptor of this planet the only possible word would be diversity: because they could not find a tree but many species from palms to oaks, pines to baobabs, nor a flower, but roses, lilies, poppies, nor a fish, or a bird, but so many.

There seems to be more Star Trek fans out there that we would think, because they always receive my confession of being a Trekkie with with great enthusiasm and smiles. Thanks for being Star Trek's publisher, one more reason to feel so at home at Simon & Schuster, publisher of 12 of my titles.


Alma Flor Ada is the author of many English and Spanish language children's books