Watch an Interview with Star Trek Narrator Robert Petkoff

January 20, 2018

What does it take to be a narrator for Star Trek audiobooks? We got a chance to catch up with famed narrator Robert Petkoff and ask just that...and, of course, take a listen to his recent work on the Star Trek: Legacies series.

Check out all the audio downloads in the thrilling Star Trek: Legacies series, available now!

Legacies: Book 1: Captain to Captain

An epic new trilogy begins—a tie-in for the milestone fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series—that stretches from the earliest voyages of the Starship Enterprise to Captain Kirk’s historic five-year-mission…and from one universe to another!

Audio Download List Price: $17.99

Legacies #2: Best Defense

An errand of justice: Captain Kirk and his crew seek the stolen Transfer Key that opens a door between universes, but their hunt is cut short by Ambassador Sarek’s plea for help. The Enterprise crew soon becomes targets in a deadly crossfire—one whose outcome will decide the fate of two universes.

Audio Download List Price: $17.99

Legacies: Book #3: Purgatory's Key

Eighteen years ago, the Starship Enterprise thwarted an alien invasion from another universe, and Captain Robert April took possession of the interdimensional transfer device that made it possible. Since then, each captain of the Enterprise, from Christopher Pike to James T. Kirk, has guarded this secret with his life.

Now, Romulan agents have succeeded in stealing the device and using it to banish Ambassador Sarek and Councillor Gorkon to an unknown realm in the midst of their groundbreaking Federation-Klingon peace negotiations. With time running out as interstellar war looms in one universe—and alien forces marshal in another—will Captain Kirk and his crew preserve the tenuous peace and reclaim the key between the dimensions?

Audio Download List Price: $23.99