Happy Birthday Nana Visitor!

July 15, 2018

This July 26th we commemorate the birthday of actress Nana Visitor, known in the Star Trek world as the fierce Kira Nerys of Deep Space Nine. A vital member of both the Bajoran Militia and Starfleet, Kira's adventures in battle always served as entertaining television. Below is a list of books that capture that excitement and Visitor's bold depiction of Kira Nerys.

The Long Mirage

Kira Nerys emerges from a wormhole after being caught inside it when it collapsed two years earlier. She arrives on the new DS9 to discover Altek Dans already there. While inside the Celestial Temple, Kira lived a different life in Bajor’s past, where she fell in love with Altek. So why have the Prophets moved him forward in time…and why have They brought him and Kira together?

eBook List Price: $7.99

Fearful Symmetry

In our universe, a Cardassian sleeper agent––Iliana Ghemor––was once surgically altered to resemble and replace resistance fighter Kira Nerys, future Starfleet captain and hero of the planet Bajor's liberation. That plan never reached fruition, and the fate of the agent remained unknown...until now.

eBook List Price: $7.99


In the aftermath of a war that brought the Alpha Quadrant to the brink of destruction, Colonel Kira Nerys and the survivors––together with several controversial new officers––are all who stand against the outbreak of a new war and a terrible doom tied to the unborn child of Captain Benjamin Sisko.

eBook List Price: $8.99

Night of the Wolves

Eighteen years into the Occupation, a new star rises in Bajor's sky. It is the seat of power in this system, a place of slave labor and harsh summary judgments, the symbol of Cardassian might and the futility of resisting it. But even as the gray metal crown of Terok Nor ascends to its zenith, ragtag pockets of Bajoran rebels––including a fierce young fighter named Kira Nerys.

eBook List Price: $7.99