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The Myriad Universes series––each novel includes three thrilling stories featuring the Star Trek characters you know and love, in exciting alternate realities.

Infinity's Prism

The pulse-pounding saga begins with three hard-hitting stories, including Seeds of Dissent: Khan is victorious! Almost four centuries after conquering their world, genetically enhanced humans dominate a ruthless interstellar empire. But the warship Defiance, under its augmented commander, Princeps Julian Bashir, makes a discovery that could shake the pillars of his proud civilization: an ancient sleeper ship from Earth named the Botany Bay

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Echoes and Refractions

Within the myriad universes, we visit one tale (of three) entitled The Chimes at Midnight: In a continuum where Spock died during childhood, an Andorian named Thelin became Captain Kirk's stalwart friend and first officer. But at the moment of Khan's final defeat, history takes an even stranger turn, and the emerging potential of Project Genesis is revealed as the galaxy's greatest hope...and its most ominous threat.

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Shattered Light

In the final chapter, we, again, visit three storylines including The Tears of Eridanus: Commander Hikaru Sulu of the Kumari is sent to rescue an observation team on a primitive desert planet. The world has many names– and its savage natives have taken the team hostage, including Sulu’s daughter, Demora. Even as Captain Sulu negotiates with the fierce T’Pau, Demora meets the elderly S’oval, and with him the only hope for the planet’s future.

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