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Star Trek: Vanguard series


Returning from its historic first voyage to the edge of the galaxy, the damaged U.S.S. Enterprise™ journeys through the Taurus Reach, a vast and little-known region of space in which a new starbase has been unexpectedly established.

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Summon the Thunder

In the aftermath of Harbinger, Commodore Diego Reyes commands Vanguard while waging an intensely personal struggle, tasked to uncover the true significance of the Taurus Reach while simultaneously concealing that mission from his fellow officers––and even his closest friends.

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Reap the Whirlwind

The mystery of the Taurus Reach is about to be revealed, and even more ancient secrets lie on the fourth planet of the Jinoteur system, with three great rivals fighting to control it. The Federation and the Klingon Empire want to wield its power; the Tholian Assembly wants to bury it.

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Open Secrets

With tensions mounting between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Ambassador Jetanien works frantically on Starbase Vanguard to halt the escalation toward war.

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On a post-apocalyptic world in the Taurus Reach, undercover Starfleet Intelligence agent Cervantes Quinn finds an ancient Shedai conduit. Unfortunately, the Klingons have found it first and sent an army to claim it.

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The Taurus Reach: the source of a secret that has driven the great powers of the 23rd century to risk everything in the race to control it. Now four new adventures—previously untold tales of the past and present, with hints of what is yet to come—begin the next great phase in the Vanguard saga.

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What Judgments Come

Operation Vanguard has risked countless lives and sacrificed entire worlds to unlock the secrets of the Shedai, an extinct alien civilization whose technology can shape the future of the galaxy. Now, Starfleet’s efforts have roused the vengeful Shedai from their aeons of slumber.

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Storming Heaven

Secret operations, sealed orders, high-risk military special operations—such dangerous missions have been at the core of the Star Trek Vanguard series since its inception. Now get ready for the mystery of the Taurus Reach to be revealed…

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In Tempest's Wake

Following the dramatic events as chronicled in Vanguard: Storming Heaven, the U.S.S. Enterprise and other starships that participated in the final battle in the Taurus Reach have been remanded to a remote starbase. Captain James T. Kirk is ordered to report to Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Starbase 47’s second and final commanding officer to discuss the Enterprise’s involvement in the last days of Operation Vanguard––from the perspective of Kirk and his crew.

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