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Star Trek: "The First in the Series"

Desperate Hours

Aboard the Starship Shenzhou, Lieutenant Michael Burnham, a human woman raised and educated among Vulcans, is promoted to acting first officer. But if she wants to keep the job, she must prove to Captain Philippa Georgiou that she deserves to have it.

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The Original Series:
The Entropy Effect

The Enterprise is summoned to transport a dangerous criminal from Starbase prison to a rehabilitation center: brilliant physicist Dr. Georges Mordeauxs, accused of promising to send people back in time––then killing them instead.

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The Next Generation:
Ghost Ship

In 1995, a Russian aircraft carrier is destroyed by a mysterious creature that just as mysteriously disappears thereafter. Three hundred years later Captain Picard must discover a way to communicate with the creature, or it could absorb his crew just as it did the Russians.

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Deep Space Nine:

Commander Benjamin Sisko is just recovering from the death of his wife when he is assigned command over the former Cardassian, but new Federation space station, Deep Space Nine. After meeting the other Bajoran and Starfleet personnel assigned to the station, Sisko finds himself in a stable wormhole and in the midst of a metaphysical experience.

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A deadly encounter with hostile aliens has left Captain Janeway's crew separated from the Voyager and slowly starving to death in a disease-ridden alien prison camp. To keep up their determination as they plot their escape, the crew shares with each other the unlikely paths that brought them all to the U.S.S. Voyager.

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By the Book

After the discovery of a new species and a disastrous first contact with their ruler, Archer must depend on Vulcan science officer T'Pol and communication specialist Hoshi Sato to help him mend relations with the people of this planet, and unravel the mystery of the other creatures living on the world.

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Bonus Deals!

The Klingon Dictionary

The Klingon Dictionary is the first comprehensive sourcebook for Klingon language and syntax, including fundamental rules of grammar as well as words and expressions that illustrate the complex nature of Klingon culture.

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The Starfleet Survival Guide

How do Starfleet's finest survive the countless dangers to be discovered as they boldly go where no one has gone before? Find out with this special edition of The Starfleet Survival Guide!

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